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new lj! [26 Oct 2002|11:44pm]
Hey everyone. Sorry to do this to you but i've made a new livejournal.
I won't update this one anymore so please delete this name from your friends list and add the new one:


*~kiss the sky~*

argh! [23 Oct 2002|10:31pm]
GOod night.

Everyone wish me luck on my geography test tomorrow. I need to good. And i actually studied and i'm gonna study more. So wish me luck.
I probably won't read this till long after i'm finished but atleast i'll know that everyone wished me luck.

5 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

chipper...for real!!! [18 Oct 2002|11:59pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yeah so as the title says i'm actually kinda feeling upbeat. Odd eh? Well my reasoning behind my feelings of upbeatness and what not are cuz i totally phased my way out of an obsessive compulsive fit. I just bore ahead and dealt with it and now i feel sooooooooo much better. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Lots of other things are happening or will be happening that i can look forward to:

1)Ani concert in like less two weeks!! BOOYAH!!!
2)I got alot of good advice about martial arts schools and i feel that i'm getting close to the end of my endeavours.
3)I've been looking into Zen. I am really into meditation and what not and i love the ideals behind Zen as we have been reading bout it in religious studies class. So i think i'll take it up and lead myself to enlightenment.
4)my birthday is in a few weeks. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!
5)i think i'm actually gonna do good on school.

Ok i'm spent. Anywhoo have a marvelous weekend if i don't chat with any of you till monday.
Love bapai

*~kiss the sky~*

argh!?!?!?!?!?! [17 Oct 2002|06:40pm]

Which Lady of Camelot Are You?

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i hate school. I mean hate it. It blows blows blows. Ah well. Ani in a week and a half so i can deal. I cannot wait. And i'm tired and sick so it will be so gratifying in the end. ARGH!!!!!
Hey janet, i have a nemesister now!!!!!!!!!!
13 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

[14 Oct 2002|11:23am]

What's Your Power Song? (Female Vocalists)

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Who the hell is Imogen Heap? Anywhoo that's my power song. I'm so majorly psyched right now cuz ani is in two weeks!!! YAY!!!!!!! And i have a presentation in one week but it's gonna be so easy. And then it will be halloween which i adore and then i would have won my guitar!!!!!!!! And then it will be my birthday. YAY! Happy am i.
Oh Japoo, is it alright if i pay you back the money the day of the concert?
2 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

quizzes and stuff [10 Oct 2002|07:49pm]
quizzesCollapse )
*~kiss the sky~*

well...this is ironic. [03 Oct 2002|06:26pm]

Which Garbage Song Are You?

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You have no idea how funny i think that result is.
26 days till Ani.
*~kiss the sky~*

school is crap [21 Sep 2002|06:09pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I seriously am DESPISING school. I know it's not supposed to be some easy ride but i really thought it would just a tad bit simpler. Why oh why did i take five courses? Oh that's right....i had to cuz i make promises i shouldn't keep. FUCK!!! I enjoy reading but i hate that all the material i have to read sucks. The only decent reading is for my exploring lit class. The rest is crap crap crap. And religous studies makes me want to hang myself. Plus there are no windows in the room. It feels like a sanitarium. ARGH!!!

The only thing keeping me calm is all the things to look forward to in the next few months:
Ani concert
possibly winning a guitar
my birthday

But i may go mental and i mean really mental.
Tori Amos is coming to vancouver and i am contemplating going. It will be another thing to enjoy outta the crap months.

5 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

[18 Sep 2002|03:21pm]
Which Witch? Witch
Which Witch? Witch!
Wild and beautiful, you are a Witch. You can feel the tides, the moon, the air, life itself.
You use the strength of your will, and the quickness of your mind, to bend and shape your reality.
Magick is a part of you, and you are a part of everything else.
Evil? No.
Amazing? Yes.
Which Witch Are You?
*~kiss the sky~*

WOO HOO!!! [17 Sep 2002|10:44pm]
Toshi reagon is opening for the Ani Difranco show. I'm so psyched. Two of my favourite musicians in one fucking night. WWWAAAAAZOOO!!!!!!!!!
*~kiss the sky~*

blah [16 Sep 2002|10:44pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

today i went to kestrel books with morgan and purchased three books i've been searching high and low for:

Bitch by Elizabeth Wurtzel
The Woman warrior: memoirs of a girlhood among ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston
Burnt Offerings by Laurel k. Hamilton

In addition to that joy i have come out of the proverbial closet as a possible queer to my friends and they all have shown tremendous amounts of support. It makes the admiration of cute boys much easier. If any of you are confused over this just wait until tomorrow when i update my bio thingy on the info page. I would do it now but i'm much too tired. Wish me well.

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[11 Sep 2002|05:44pm]
[ mood | angry, bitch! ]

Which Ani DiFranco Album Are You?

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Janet....Ani's band is no more. She's solo! [11 Sep 2002|05:36pm]
q: like living in clip, the new album marks the end of an era, since you're no longer performing live with the players from so much shouting
ani: when i first gathered the horn section, there was a constant sense of energy and movement; we were collectively creating all these arrangements, and there was always a new song, or a new arrangement of an old song. it was a thrill for me to be learning from other musicians and from working with new instruments. then there was the experience of being a bandleader, which is a whole other bag of donuts; in order to keep 6 people imporvising well together, somebody has to be leading it, and i was very inspired by that job. now i've decided to go solo and conserve a little energy and refocus. but i love my band so much, and i'm very sad that this is kind of a posthumous album for a band that will no longer be.
*~kiss the sky~*

quickie! [07 Sep 2002|05:12pm]
Well i'm just sitting here to brag that i'm on my way to the Joan Baez concert. I'll write a review later. I'm sure nobody cares cuz i don't know anyone who really likes Joan Baez. Anywhoo this is gonna be quite the eventul few months as i have many concerts to go to.

Hey japoo!!!!!!
Did you know ani's show is a solo one. I think that means nooooooooo band!!!!! YAY!
16 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

How...interesting! [06 Sep 2002|10:38pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well i've been hard at work surfing the net believe it or not. That's right!!!!!!!!!!! I've been surfing as a form of work. Har har. Actually i've been melding my feminist lit class and my detective fiction class. I've been searching for feminist television shows that deal with crime and what not. SO far i have seen these:

the avengers
charlies angels
cagney and lacey
the new avengers

Alas there is much more in the terms of film. I've only seen Coffy and Cleopatra Jones. I'm dying to see Foxy Brown. Pam Grier is the shit man. I loooooooooooovvvvvvve her. These shows and movies all deal with the typical investigation format and have feminist overtones. I'm gonna enjoy this term.
Plus i like my religious studies class. The people are really nice and we're learning about hindu gods. Booyah!

2 *gushing wounds|*~kiss the sky~*

well anyway..um, yeah... [02 Sep 2002|04:16pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so tomorrow i start school:( I am so majorly bummed over this cuz i hate school. And i mean HATE. I get off school at 5:30 on tuesdays and thursdays. ICK!!! The good news is on thursdays i don't start school till 11:30 and every other day i get dismissed at 2:30. Still i have no days off and i would have liked that. GARRRRRRR!!!!! oh well atleast summer is coming to an end. Henceforth we will be embarking on the oh so lovely autumn months followed my super fave...Winter so there is something to look forward to.

Oh also i am getting my dog tomorrow. He's a 7 month old siberian husky/border collie. He's so beautiful. I cannot wait to have him home with me.

*~kiss the sky~*

well fuckity fuck fuck [30 Aug 2002|10:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

well this has certainly been the most eventful of days. I spent the first half sleeping and not dreaming. Not dreaming really BLOWS. Anywhoo I went with my brother to the music store and picked up Pearl by Janis Joplin. I haven't listened to it yet but i know all the songs and i know that they rule. Yep a pretty uneventful day.....

....that is until my mom got majorly pissed at my bro for being too busy to help her move and i am totally fucked in terms of directions so i wouldn't have been able to find my way to her place. Plus it was so last minute. SO basically my mom is majorly pissed at the both of us. My bro is pissed at my mom. I am feeling like shit cuz it just adds to the ever growing pile of feces that is my life. ARGH!

music thingyCollapse )

*~kiss the sky~*

[24 Aug 2002|07:30pm]

Trading Cards
Free Account Edition
User Number: 489747
Date Created:2002-03-08
Number of Posts: 114

legs is witty, compassionate and caring. Although overly defensive and somewhat antisocial, legs is still a blast to be around. Be warned though cuz Legs has the reputation of being a bitch. Legs hates people who willingly hurt children and animals. Castration is legs favourite form of punishment. Legs is an avid music fan.
Strengths: Wit, rips and shreds on the guitar, can sing, kicks ass in all forms.
Weaknesses: penchant for cute bums and toned pecs.
Special Skills: Sings like janis joplin. Makes people laugh. Plays the guitar like one crazy mofo.
Weapons: Knives, swords, sporks, cool glares and cold stares, words.
extras: if you are mean to animals don't come near me. If you are mean to children don't come near me. i'll eat you alive. I'm unsure of my sexual orientation. I'm either bi or gay. I cannot tell.

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*~kiss the sky~*

so yeah! [24 Aug 2002|04:17pm]
I meant to post this earlier but i was on a fucking high from the Tegan and Sara concert. I still am high but anywhoo this is big news. In regards to the poetry contest i entered, i got picked in the top grouping to be judged in the winter. So i have a chance at the GRAND PRIZE but i'm also published in an anthology they are putting out. And to top all that off japoo and i got 4TH ROW TICKETS for ANI DIFRANCO in OCTOBER!!! is that not the shit? I'm super duper happy. Plus Tegan and Sara are playing again on october 5 at Richards so hopefully i'll be able to get in there. SUPER!!!!
*~kiss the sky~*

my tegan and sara experience. [22 Aug 2002|10:36pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I am so full of jubilance right now. They were soooooooooooo good.

Tegan and sara played a special show for the media and reviewers and record execs and the like tonight at the railway club. Only 75 tickets were to be sold to the public.

I waited in line for about an hour and a half to two hours with my companions. We were part of the first twenty people let in and had mondo good seating.

The railway club is really small. There is a small stage area and then a bar and the rest of the place wraps around the bar. I lucked out and got a table right near the front so i could see everything. Ofcourse the place was so small that you couldn't have a bad seat at all. There was stuff on my table left over and a small part of me hopes it was the Sisters fig newtons and georgia straight left over from their soundcheck.

Anywhoo they played the new album in it's entirety. I didn't know the songs could be any better than perfect but live they are superb. They also played We were so high and Divided. It was awesome.

Cute moments: Tegan and sara were uncharacteristically nice to each other. No witty put downs or joking between the two about each other. At one point sara said she had to do something and gave Tegan a hug:)
The monitor was a little fucked at certain points and sara joked that she was gonna be killed if it exploded or short circuited.
Tegan said that they got a bad review by a toronto paper and told everyone that sara was sick(her poor throat was really bad). So tegan said for all the reviewers to not be assholes cuz sara had a throat problem.
Before Terrible Storm sara said this was the song that we all had to come together as a team cuz she was worried about singing the chorus with her throat.
Oh and during Not Tonight tegan couldn't find her tambourine and was walking around the stage looking for it while everyone played.

It was a great show and i took pictures of the whole thing as well as got an autograph and pictures with both the girls. ROCK!

*~kiss the sky~*

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